I have zero experience with Patreon prior to today, so this is at a pretty experimental stage presently, but, I have set up some initial tiers for potential supporters, patrons, and collectors.

One potential benefit is to receive signed original sketches. I don't yet have the network necessary to expect many (if any) subscribers, so the first 10 will get a free signed original sketch even at the entry-level tier, just because.

Any income derived from Patreon goes directly into an account earmarked for supplies, framing, shipping, web administration, gallery and contest fees, taxes, and other costs that apply to the development of my career as an artist.

So for anyone who genuinely enjoys the work I've been posting and wants to see more, to own some for yourself, or is financially secure enough to take pleasure in supporting a living/working artist -- your support on Patreon would be of great value to me at this early stage in what I intend to make a long career.